Designed specifically for legal teams, meets all the unique needs of contract collaboration. It offers unparalleled clarity and control over each modification, along with an excellent UX.

Legal Departments streamlines your legal workflow, ensuring efficient management of legal risks and comfortable operations for both legal and business teams.

All in one place
Automate routine
Total control over every change
Business values lawyers for their legal expertise and risk management, not for wrestling with paperwork or tracking document versions. Hone in on perfecting your contract position; we'll take care of the mundane tasks.

Empower strategic focus provides a platform for internal and external teams to collaborate, balancing flexibility and compliance. Manage legal risks effectively while staying in step with your business’s pace.

Boost collaboration with the business

Speed up your business processes and minimize errors by empowering teams to create contracts using pre-approved templates. Maintain compliance without the headache, ease your lawyers' workload, freeing them to focus on strategic initiatives.

Autopilot routine contracts

Use analytics to identify where negotiations slow down, understand market trends in various sectors and client interactions, and validate your focus areas. Spot which clauses are causing delays and strategize effectively.

Optimize with data

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