Collaborate with all the needed context

Even in complex, long-term negotiations rewind contract history like a video and track how your contract position developed. Everything with just one click.

The complete history at a glance

Advanced versioning

Auto-generated master-version
So reduce the time spent on monotonous and error-prone stuff.
Only a summary of internal changes is sent to the counterparty
Rest assured that the other party won't be able to see how your position developed.
Collaborate in real time, always on the latest version of your document. Forget the confusion of multiple versions or the hassle of line-by-line comparisons. Focus on your negotiations and let us handle the versioning details.
The other party never sees an unfinished draft
Maintain complete privacy during internal discussions. Ensure external parties only see finished drafts.

Always stay up-to-date

Automated versioning for milestones
Ensure everyone, including the counterparty, is working on the latest document version
Say goodbye to information dispersed across emails, messengers, and various files. Access a single source of truth, providing you with the clarity and insight you need to negotiate with confidence.

Centralize and structure your communication

To safeguard sensitive information and prevent mix-ups.
Internal, external, and personal comments
Effortlessly manage complex discussions with clear thread titles for easy navigation.
Thread titles
Review and adjust your external comments while going through the document. Choose to send them immediately or wait until the next version of the document is ready.
Choose when to send external comments
So it’s always crystal clear what you're referencing.
Comments related to particular wording, clauses, and the entire document
Never confuse comment chains. Reply directly to comments.
Threaded commenting
Keep your internal discussions confidential while staying fully informed with both internal and external comments.
Separated internal and external communication
Our redlines don't just highlight changes. They make reviewing them a breeze. Easily scroll through all the changes, move between different paragraphs, and return to recently viewed ones in no time.

Track changes you can trust

Next-generation track changes

Protected paragraph editing
Avoid conflicting edits by locking paragraphs during simultaneous reviews.
Ultimate UX
Enjoy unparalleled clarity in viewing changes, enhancing your review process.
Changes-related navigation
Ensure no edit, big or small, gets overlooked.
Tailor your view to focus on changes in a way that suits you best.
Versatile viewing options
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