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Build templates in a snap

Empower your team with Contract.one's intuitive template editor. Anyone can swiftly design or update templates without needing any technical skills.

Contract automation

The average time required to automate one template — 10 minutes

Generate standard contracts in minutes

Save time and eliminate errors by using templates to create contracts. Fill out contract fields in minutes, moving quicker into negotiations. Contract.one highlights any incomplete fields, ensuring you never send out unfinished documents.

Use the best contract language approved by a legal team

Save time and review standard clauses faster without involving lawyers. Ensure you negotiate perfect conditions that comply with your company’s best practices.

Clause library

Our REST API is designed to connect your contracts with any system effortlessly, enabling custom actions for your ideal workflow. Easily initiate contracts and integrate data into legal documents.


Experience a smooth sync with CRM or finance tools, all without the burden of manual updates or other inefficiencies.
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