We’re reinventing negotiations and now we invented the command to start them from a browser.

The negotiation process is hugely inefficient. Sending endless emails back and forth, downloading, uploading, always double-checking if the version is correct, running document comparisons to make sure all changes can be seen, trying to connect discussion with the contract text. This all is time-consuming and stressful for all the parties. Moreover, this significantly slows down the entire transaction, making parties suffer lost profits.

It’s time to move to a new paradigm.  A contract is not a piece of fixed text with formatting.  It’s a dynamic information system.  So it needs advanced tools that respect that.

In Contract.one, we revolutionise the way we negotiate. Our ultimate goal is to speed up the entire process. To do so, we need to speed up every bit of it.

Stop sending emails. Just type in a command negotiate.new in your browser and start negotiating a new project right away. Explore smart contracting with next-gen track changes, super-structured communication, game-changing time machine and many more. Contract.one made it possible for everyone!